Why Choose Us

Robust Curriculum

Our robust in house curriculum of carefully crafted notes and customized worksheets in addition to hand-picked resources for each student are some of our key features that proves to be invaluable to many of our students. Parents can rest assured knowing that our curriculum is being constantly improved and always hereby to the latest syllabus.

Top-Notch Resources

To cater to the rigorous demand of school and national examinations, Dr Lim has curated various sets of comprehensive materials such as topical notes, summary notes, practice worksheets, revision exercises to be given to students. All of our worksheets come with fully worked step by step solutions to help students’ master vital mathematical concepts and principles effectively. Furthermore, practice question within the worksheets are arranged in increasing level of difficulty to facilitate learning. All customized notes and quality worksheets are revised and updated regularly. This is to ensure our materials are not just challenging but also relevant to what the student should be learning in school.

Advance Learning

Dr Lim understands that students have different learning paces and styles; therefore he will make special effort to customize the method of lesson delivery to ensure accelerated learning. Moreover, Dr Lim often teaches ahead of the school curriculum so that his students are well-prepared to tackle the year end examinations. As the saying goes, students study for exams whereas Dr Lim studies the exams.

Systematic Teaching Methodology

Students at our centre are taught under a holistically and systemic teaching methodology where lessons place great emphasis on conceptual learning as opposed to mindless drilling. With the enhanced systematic teaching frame, students are able to learn all the essential key topical concepts, strategies and exam techniques efficiently and readily without much difficulty.

Periodic Academic Assessment

Periodic academic assessment such as quizzes and mini tests are carried out regularly, not only to reinforce learning, but also to ensure that students’ progresses are being tracked and that relevant feedback in terms of the students’ strengths and weaknesses can be given. Building on students’ strength and complementing solution to their weakness would ultimately further improve the students’ academic ability in school and major national exams.

Small Class Size

With an optimum class size of only 4 students, Dr Lim is able to ensure that students are able to receive an effective learning experience. In addition, the small teacher to student ratio would greatly benefit the student as a whole as this arrangement allows sufficient individualized attention to each and every student.

Stellar Track Record

As an educator, Dr Lim is a highly sought after tutor who has accumulated vast teaching experiences spanning from more than two decades of teaching Integrated Program, high ability and GEP students. Over the years, Dr Lim has produced numerous scholars who are perfect scorers with his structured curriculum and high quality learning resources.