Enrichment Program

Competitive Mathematics and Sciences Program

With competition in mind, our competitive mathematics and sciences Olympiad training program adopts the learn by ability, not by age, grade or level view, whereby students are taught to.

  • Inculcate the habit of taking challenges
  • Advance their mathematical sciences talent
  • Excel in national and international competitions
  • Strives for greater level of mathematical understanding

Heuristic Math Program

Nowadays, most of the routine and lower-order thinking tasks have been taken over by machines and computers in this digital age. Therefore, our aim in this 21st century should be to promote higher forms of thinking, such as analyzing, creating and evaluating, rather than just teaching students to remember facts or rote learning.

Our heuristic math program focuses on problem-solving strategies to encourage creative and critical thinking. The program hopes to coach students to select the best strategy out of multiple methods to solve complex words problems.

The heuristic math program is designed in such a way to help primary school students gain a better understanding of mathematics. The classes encourage students to explore patterns, practice higher-order thinking skills and apply problem-solving strategies. The 12 strategies are as follows:

  1. Act it out
  2. Using logic
  3. Making a list
  4. Draw a model
  5. Before and after
  6. Guess and check
  7. Drawing diagrams
  8. Restate the problem
  9. Working backwards
  10. Looking for patterns
  11. Making assumptions
  12. Simplifying the problem