Signature Program

H1 Mathematics / H2 Mathematics / H2 Further Mathematics / H3 Mathematics

Our signature mathematics lessons are specially designed for students who want to go beyond the concepts and formulas in each math topic.

In national examinations, students must show understanding and apply problem-solving skills to often novel and challenging questions.

Our classes are taught to advance students’ understanding and assist students in applying their knowledge.

Our H1 Mathematics tuition equips students with a chance to master important mathematical concepts and skills necessary to do well in school and national examinations.

Similarly, our H2 Mathematics course is designed for students to meet the demand for higher-order mathematical skills essential to score a grade A in the examinations.

Attending our H2 Further Mathematics program extends and expands on the range of mathematics topics in H2 Mathematics and provides students with a head start in learning a wider range of mathematical methods and tools that are useful for solving more complex problems.

Our H3 Mathematics lesson's primary aim is to provide students with enriched opportunities to acquire a clear conceptual understanding of mathematics, processes, and applications.

This would enable students to learn advanced problem-solving skills and techniques that are useful to solve non-routine mathematical problems to achieve a distinction grade.

Integrated Program Mathematics and Sciences

In Singapore, the Integrated Programme (IP) is offered to academically-strong students culminating in the GCE A-Level examination and other diplomas.

Here at the Mathematical Sciences Learning Centre, we offer specialized IP Mathematics and Sciences classes designed to stretch students by focusing on developing analytical and higher-order thinking skills.

With a wealth of experience in teaching the bright sparks from these integrated program schools, Dr Lim has been steadily producing A-grade among his students.

Gifted Education Program Mathematics and Sciences

Our signature GEP mathematics and sciences program takes an integrated approach to mathematical science with the aim to:

  • Cultivate analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Achieve academic success through the improvement of routine class results
  • Encourage students to tackle a variety of open-ended and real-world problems
  • Develop proficiency in both mathematical sciences processes and skills